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Enjoy relief from any condition or disease you may be experiencing. At Wellbridges Health Center, we help improve your overall quality of life through functional medicine. This holistic approach to treating patients' physical, emotional, and mental well-being is very effective and can combat many diseases or disorders. The goal is to evaluate and work to unravel the problem and individual concerns you may have so you can live a happy and productive life.


Located in Bonita Springs, Florida, Wellbridges Health Center has been seeing patients since 2004. We treat patients both young and old throughout the southwestern part of the state and across the country. Whatever issues they may be experiencing, we can provide the necessary treatment. Our approach is to determine the cause of a problem and then repair and optimize the patient's health and help prevent the issue from occurring again in the future.

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The links below contain information that is helpful to you and your family. From heathy recipes and nutrition information to holistic diagnostic practices, these sites can make a difference in your education and awareness.

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"Healing depends not only on doing the right things but doing them in the right order. From that story, the right place to push or pull on the web of biologic dysfunction emerges, along with the right order of pushing and pulling to restore balance."

Mark A. Hymen, MD

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